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The Bio-Age Challenge. What's it All About?

The Bio-Age Challenge gives you a simple, easy-to-understand progress picture of the factors that affect your health. It also provides insights into your health that you can't get from any other source. Insights that will empower you when making health-related choices.

You'll find those insights framed here in positive terms - we try not to talk too much about disease and death. To achieve this, we've developed some general measures of health and wellness we call The Seven Bio-Ages. You can discover and track your own Seven Bio-Ages by:

  • updating a simple profile every now and then.
  • taking 30 seconds to give quick feedback about each day.
  • plugging in your mobile apps and wearable devices.
Take these steps to get the most value from this app. and web site...

  1. Answer your Profile Questions – to learn your Seven Bio-Ages and get recommendations.

  2. Register – so that you can save, track and improve your Bio-Age metrics over time.

  3. Plug in Some Feeds – so this app can track from your apps and wearable devices (coming soon).

  4. Review Your Goals – they'll change often as the app learns more about you and your family.

  5. Watch Your Progress – to help you reach your goals. It's great motivation.

At FactNexus, we bring facts and data together to empower your health choices. That's our passion. Contact Us to let us know how we're doing and to make suggestions about how we can improve this app.