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Bio-Age Busters

Check out these apps and websites. They can help you to meet your Bio-Age goals and to live a longer, healthier and happier life!

Five of the Best



What, and how much we eat has a dramatic effect on our bio-age metrics. MyFitnessPal is a fast and easy-to-use calorie counter and diet tracker with a database of over 4,000,000 foods.



Give your Heart and Vital Ages some motivational help. Track your pace, measure workout distance, chart weight loss, crush training goals and more with Runkeeper.


The official 7-Minute Workout

No time to exercise? The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout helps you make every minute count. Designed with ease, effectiveness, and fun in mind, you can do this workout anywhere with confidence that it is safe and beneficial to your health.



Reducing high levels of fat, salt and sugar in your diet will give you more energy and improve your mood. Use this app to scan barcodes of packaged foods with your camera and see what’s in the food you’re eating. Then switch to similar foods that are healthier choices.



WebMD gives you round-the-clock mobile access to health information and decision-support tools - including a symptom checker and first aid information.