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It takes only a few minutes to learn your bio-age - let's get started!   Please be honest with your answers - with accurate data we can help improve your health and the health of people you care about.

birthYearBirth Year ? 
genderGender ? 
educationEducation ? 
ethnicityEthnicity/Ancestry ? 
relationshipStatusYour relationship status? ? 
Body Index
heightHeight ? 
weightWeight ? 
bloodPressureGroupBlood pressure ? 
cholesterolRatioGroupCholesterol (Total/HDL) ? 
diabetesDo you have diabetes? ? 
illnessIllness last year? ? 
medicationsDailyCountYour daily medications? ? 
familyHistoryParent or sibling illness (before 60)? ? 
What if I don't know?
smokerDo you smoke? ? 
foodQualityYour everyday food ? 
foodQuantityHow much do you eat? ? 
alcoholDaily alcoholic drinks? ? 
relaxUsual relaxation activities ? 
elementsYour usual environment ? 
physicalActivityYour physical activity ? 
pushupsHow many push-ups can you do? ? 
stressedStressed or anxious? ? 
happinessHow happy are you? ? 
friendCountHow many friends could you rely on? ? 
painMigraine, back or other pain? ? 
misplaceEver misplace your keys or your phone? ? 

You can come back and update these answers at any time. Any new answers will immediately be reflected in your bio-age.